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Chloe Riding Boots

Posted on: June 9, 2009

Ride into fall in these luxurious riding boots from Chloe. Riding boots have been the rage in fashion for the last few years and this coming fall we’re seeing a continuation in that trend. Sassy, sexy and ultra cool, Chloé is a paradox of both feminity and romance infused with a street-cred edge. This slightly textured leather riding boot has a casual yet refined look but certainly has that look that Chloe always exudes.

Available at: Jildor Shoes

2 Responses to "Chloe Riding Boots"

Very nice indeed. I decided to buy my wife a pair and decided to buck against the high priced designer manufacturers and try an actual equine company. I bought her a pair of black Jodhpur Equestrian Boots which she adores and has fast become her favourite pair.

I should get the boot for my link there! (Hopefully my wife doesn’t feel the same!) So here’s what I meant to do earlier; Equestrian Boots.



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